Sunday, August 8, 2010

back from vacation

I know it has been a while since I have written anything...Still  kind of learning....

I just got back from vacation...Well I guess you could call it a vacation...Went camping in  Arkansas...It was hot as hell...I know now, with out a shadow of a doubt, that I want to have this lap band and get this fricking weight off...It is not at all about what I look like anymore...I'm tired of how it all feels....I'm tired of having trouble walking up a hill....The heat almost killed me...I swear I wanted to die more than once....Did figure out one thing that stops my compulsive eating....HEAT.....I was so hot that I could not hardly eat...and the only thing I could drink was water...I was the only one who lost weight on this vacation...

Thought alot this last week about the lap band and getting my life back...If I don't do this now, I'm going to get old before my time..

I have lost and gained weight many many times before....but this weight gain is much harder then ever.   This is the first time that I truly FEEL the affects of it....Before it was always just about how I looked.....Now that I am 47 and over weight and out of shaped it is time to do something about it or I'm going to be in a little scooter soon...

Tomorrow I go too the seminar for the lap band...getting excited...The lap band journay begins...wish me luck....



  1. Christy... say no to the scooter!!! Best of luck on your journey.

  2. The band is definitely the right decision. Hope the seminar makes you feel more comfortable with the decision.

  3. Can't wait to hear how the seminar went! Hope it went well.

  4. Hope the seminar went well...ahhh I know how you're feeling was quite a different vacation this year; no trouble walking miles and biking.

    I've given you a Blog award...see tomorrow's (8/12) Blog to pick it up!